Fred Kockott is raising funds for Wildlands Conservation Trust

Of the 225 8 Milers, Fred is the only person swimming in aid of marine conservation - an issue that has for very good reason moved to the top of the environmental agenda over the past few years.

As a keen surfer, Fred spends a lot of time in the ocean and as a journalist, focuses a lot of his work in covering critical issues affecting the health of the oceans. His decision to swim in aid of WildOceans - the marine conservation arm of the WildTrust - was largely inspired by the Ocean Stewards programme, which helps train young marine scientists. Like Professor George Branch, author of Living Shores and co-author of Two Oceans: a Field Guide to the Marine Life of Southern Africa, Fred rates the Ocean Stewards programme as one of the most dynamic marine conservation initiatives to have emerged in South Africa.

“It offers a wonderful blend of practical, hands-one experience, training in modern survey methods, and the challenge to think for oneself, as well as the joyous personal friendships that breach barriers across age, race and language.” – Professor George Branch. Read more here:

Fred is an associated director of Roving Reporters environmental journalism programme. He is an award-winning journalist who has been described by colleagues as a breed of journalist now so rare in South Africa, they should be listed by CITES.

Fred was roped into the 2019 8 Mile Club at the eleventh hour. Please do help him accomplish his fundraising target of R12,000.

Note: For tax requirements, a S18 certificate can be issued on request from WILDTRUST. Please email me on or contact Stan Kozlwoski on 083 654 8663 for further information.

overall progress

raised R7 200,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Derek Whalley R750
Jane Kockott Well done, brother R100
Karin Solomon A win-win for Fred and his cause. I'm happy for both Fred's accomplishment and the issue that he brought to the spotlight. R250
Kat Fransen respect! R200
Dirk You're an inspiration brother! Thank you for all you do. R1 000
Carey Moran You are a star Fred - Good luck R200
Jean du Plessis Go for it, brother! R250
Jennifer Thord-Gray Hope it goes well! R100
Debbie Gracie Good luck Fred. Hope you reach your goal for a very worthwhile cause R500
Robin Gracie My brother in law please help MOB R500
Trevor van der Berg R100
Sue Ingram (Evans) wishing you the best for your swim Fred. Love the cause R250
Karin Solomon Great idea - good luck! R250
Heidi Gibson Go for it Fred! I wish I could give you more bud R200
Nico Good luck! R500
Kathleen Ginn Go for it Fred. R200
Kathy Arbuckle R100
Phatt Chef Roadside Diner I'd have given more if you were smiling....good luck Fred R500
Pippa R700
Cath Jakins R50
Architects Collaborative for fred kockott funds for wild lands conservation trust R500

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