robyn mcqueen is raising funds for Mandeville Disability Swimming

I'm joining the 8Mile Club at Midmar in 2019 to raise funds for the Mandeville Disability Swimming club in Jo'burg, South Africa. The goal is to raise R10000 for this worthy cause which teaches those less privileged and differently-abled to myself to swim. I'm grateful for the way my body works and am really excited to contribute to those who are learning to use theirs optimally too.

overall progress

raised R16 250,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Janet Marié Venter R200
Chad Just keep swimming - dory 🐟☺️💛 R300
K Brett Good luck R200
Helen McCready Great going Robyn! Well done R50
Dorinda Bolton R150
Wendy Watson R100
Kerry What a champion! R250
Buhle Yaaaaaasss Queen! R300
Sindisiwe Herbert Keep strong, Robs. You’re amazing! R500
Sue Ausmeier Good luck, Rob, hope to see you at the start of Race 5 on Sunday 😊👍 R200
Alison McQueen Have fun! R200
Richard Foss Good luck Robyn, your spirit of care and giving is inspirational! R500
Sandy Nicholls Don’t turn into a fish! Well done 👍 R300
Kev jen We’re proud of your dedication R2 000
Heidi Cox Nice going Robyn! A worthy cause and admirable dedication:) R500
Parvathy Naidu Robyn, you are such an inspiration! Keep fighting the good fight,my friend. R500
Wayne Jayes R2 250
Jacci Lewis Love your passion for the less fortunate! Wish it could be more but every bit helps, I guess! R200
TARRYN You amaze me! R2 000
Cathryn You are the best <3 R400
Greg yaya! R1 500
Karen ellery You are an inspiration (or plain crazy?). 😊 R600
Claire Wilkinson have fun! R200
Gudrun Hotz What an amazing thing to do -good luck and best wishes Sarah & Bobby Hotz R750
Jay Dempsey All the best R250
Tamara Ridgway You are amazing and an inspiration! Keep changing the world Robyn. R400
Hazel Mcqueen Good luck Robs with your training and fundraising. R200
Keith Sobey Well done Robs! Love K&I R1 000
Tegan Unbelievably proud of you Robs R250

MDS is home to the largest and strongest squad of disability swimmers in South Africa

082 8076948