Carmen Fair is raising funds for NSRI

Since I can remember I have been wandering in nature, soaking up its beauty. I am very passionate about conserving this environment of ours. I believe that South Africa has immense potential, we should be the frontiers in conservation, renewable energy and resource management. I believe I am part of a generation that will achieve our goals in changing the world.

And it starts here. 

It started when my mother had the crazy idea that I should swim the 8-miler. It started with a spark. A few months back I decided I needed to do this. I had had some failures and disappointments in my life and I realized that this event was more that just doing a good deed, it was to prove myself wrong. I pledged to myself to do this. I had been a swimmer most of my life, but I never fully succeeded in my own opinion. I wanted and still want to prove wrong. It is a dangerous thing to tell me I CAN'T, because I shall prove you wrong. If I can push my limits and achieve this crazy dream, I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength. 

I'm doing this for me. I'm doing this for the people around me, to show them anything is possible if you are willing to commit. I'm doing this for South Africa, for National Sea Rescue Institute especially.

This might be a small victory in someone else's eyes, but this is my mountain.

This is to glorify God, because His praise will ever be on my lips. 

overall progress

raised R12 050,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Linda Fullard We are rooting for you! R1 500
Matsei Technologies & Consulting R1 500
Fraser and Lorinda R300
Paul Krabbendam Prove it to yourself. I know you can. I have seen you do just that every time you participated. R250
Ina Fechter R500
SIMPSON & SON FARMING Go Girl - i believe in you! R2 000
Jeanne Morland Proud of you Carmen. You can do this! R1 200
Desert wolf R1 000
Anonymous Carmen is an inspiration! R300
Orcas Swim School R1 500
Enermanage (Pty) Ltd R1 500
Magdaleen Fair R500

The Charity that Saves Lives on South African Waters