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PinkDrive, South Africa’s best-loved Breast Cancer Community Carer, is the indispensable, tangible breast cancer Non-Profit Company (NPC), powering South Africa’s mobile Women’s Health Mammography and Gynaecology Units.  PinkDrive’s underlying message is ‘Early detection can prolong a life’.

All PinkDrive units travel to semi-urban and urban areas around South Africa with the aim of enabling all medically uninsured access to women’s health services.  These services include free education on women’s health, free mammograms, free pap smears, free clinical examinations and how to do breast self-examinations.

To date (December 2019), PinkDrive has provided more than 20 294 mammograms, conducted more than 147 742 clinical breast examinations, 3 199 breast check referrals, 4 540 pap smears, and educated more than 419 887 people on breast health.


early detection prolongs lives

Our Vision is to provide a service to those in need and to advocate for change in the cancer space – even if only 1 truck and 1 province at a time. Learn more about Pink Drive

pick 'n pay walks

Dates of 2016 Pick n Pay Women's Walks: 2 April - Durbanville 30 April - Kimberley 28 May - Bloemfontein 25 June - Port Elizabeth 10 July - Knysna 27 August - Durban 1 October - Pretoria 8 October - Soweto *Dates are subject to change

aQuellé goes pink

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