Robert John Tout is raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

Protecting the 'Birthplace of Rhino'

The 8 Mile Club, which has become an integral part of the annual aQuellé Midmar Mile, is a group of swimmers who will attempt to swim all eight events over the race weekend, for charity. Once again, I will be raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and more specifically the ‘Save the Rhino Foundation’.

Save the Rhino Foundation’s mission statement is simple; undertaking vital work to protect all five rhino species in Africa and Asia. Through grants and donations, the foundation funds a range of conservation activities and ongoing field programs. These programs include training, equipping and effectively deploying field rangers and anti-poaching teams who go out on a daily basis with the aim of protecting our rhinos , while, at times, coming face-to-face with varying unpredictable and treacherous situations.

Protecting and managing a rhino population is a challenge that costs energy and money, and for that reason, the Save the Rhino Foundation needs our financial support. Through managed breeding, coupled with a re-introduction programme, if it weren’t for the work of a few determined people who brought together the 200-odd surviving white rhinos, the Southern White Rhino would not exist today.

With further contributions, the Save the Rhino Foundation can continue to fund similar projects with the aim of not only saving rhino populations from extinction, but increasing their numbers too.

I humbly request that you consider partnering with me, by sponsoring an amount of money toward my Midmar 8 Mile charity swim. I have committed to raising a minimum of R12,000 however I am convinced that, with your assistance, we can raise at least R90,000 for the Save The Rhino Foundation. 


R J Tout


overall progress

raised R91 800,00 goal R90 000,00



Name Message Donation
Dylan Martin Go boy! R500
Kaveer Joshi Good luck Rob! R1 000
Stotty Good luck Robo! R2 000
Bongani Buhlalu All the best Rob!! R200
Kishaylin Chetty Good luck Rob! R100
Jean Pierre Verster Well done for making a positive impact, Rob! R1 450
Justin Hollis Good effort. All the best! R500
Avi All the best bud! R500
colin aylward awesome my mate ! great cause and go for it !!!! R2 500
Howard Penny R100
All Weather Capital (Pty) Ltd Hi Rob, good luck on the day and well done on the fund raising for a worthy cause, From everyone at All Weather. R5 000
evan Walker Great cause 👍🏼 R2 500
Ockie Raubenheimer Good luck en vasbyt R1 000
Ken Good Luck R300
Jenagan Good luck mate, great cause! R2 000
Emma Chapman Well done Robbie! R500
Siobhan Good Luck Robert, do it for the rhinos R800
Bandi Zondo Great initiative Rob - thank you and we support you wholeheartedly- happy holidays mate R400
Ashwin Sharma Good luck mate - don't forget the arm bands... R2 000
Wafic Nsouli Good luck mate R1 500
Tom R500
Kearney Robert, you're a hero. Kearney R100
Nick de Vos All the best! R250
Jonathan feigin Thank you for including me, great cause, well done R1 800
Nicolette Ashman Well done Robbie! R300
Bjorn zietsman Best of luck bud R500
Legae Peresec Give it horns! R5 000
Chris Turner Good luck bud - great cause R250
Marianne McKenzie Go for it Rob! R200
Marie Tout For the rhinos R100
Watkins Gene Go Rob 🙌 R1 000
Warren Hammond Go rob the king knock em dead and save the world ! R1 000
Megan McLoughlin Well Done Rob - Such a wonderful cause R200
Diane Great cause... Thank you Rob!🦏 R200
John Fletcher All the best with your participation in this worthy cause R1 000
Franscois Mulock-Houwer Just keep swimming! R300
Enzio Quartero Great work Robo! - big impact for a meaningful cause. R1 000
Jurie Jean CHAMPION! R300
Martin hughes I back you chom👌 R500
Arqaam Research Good luck! R600
Dean Good luck Robbie! R1 000
Sean Give it horns R800
Kwame Narh-Saam Sweet! Rather you than me mate :-) R1 500
Katy Murless Good luck Rob. What an amazing thing to do! R500
Nick Higham Well-played rob- great initiative and best of luck. R1 000
wendy Tout Never give up! R1 000
Leon Good stuff, good luck! R500
Alec Schoeman Robert go forth and conquer, great cause! R1 500
Yulia Gerasimova Good luck Rob! R2 000
Jeanine Womersley Good luck Rob, such a worthy cause! R500
Grattan kirk Great cause Rob. Well done. Will win back at matches!! R1 000
Craig Best of luck R1 000
Ryan Great cause R2 500
John Tout All the best to make a big splash R3 000
Jacobus Cilliers Enjoy R100
Matt R200
Boris Well done champ! Proud of you 💪🏻 R1 000
Anonymous R500
Angie de Boer R300
Andrew Widegger Good luck and well done on this initiative! R500
Matt Tout Brilliant cause - keep up the good work R500
Ruanne Foster Enjoy the swims!! R750
Sam Warwood Good stuff mate! Good luck R500
Steve R1 000
Paul Steyn Great cause.. Good luck R500
Dave Smith Great work mate R750
Steve R500
IJD I think a name change is in order ... to T(r)out if 12.8km is what it takes help the magnificent Rhino's R2 000
Louis Kruger Good luck R500
Terence Naidu Good luck Rob R5 000
Weir Family Have a great swim Rob! R500
Arqaam front office Massive achievement - well done! R2 750
Kelsey Tanner Hope this little bit helps! Good luck! R300
warren hammond Rob Good luck - You're a star ! R1 000
Primaresearch All the best in your efforts Robert! R10 000
Anonymous R400
Robert John Tout R4 000

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