Andrew Schuil is raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

overall progress

raised R20 430,01 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Gooch Well Done Scom R1 000
Scott Holmes Good luck Boet! R500
Cookie and Kids Enjoy Skom.... go for it!! R500
Phil, Gina, Ry, Keira Good luck Skom....rooting for you. Schooool R500
Dave Mackey Good luck boet! Use the motor boat! R500
Christopher Schuil R500
D, Brett, Kristin and Kelly Good luck Uncle Skom! All the best. R400
Lisel Silk Good luck! R200
Damien Rudham Don’t drown. R300
Adey & Ling Well done Andrew!!! Have fun!!! R200
Turner Good Luck Andrew and Thank you for swimming for such a good cause! R100
Ros Hickson Good luck chap ! R380
Margie Go for it R350
Mel Connolly You legend you ... R300
The Woodland family Good luck Andrew! A tough challenge! R1 000
James Buchanan All the best bud, give it horns R1 000
W Hampson Wow best of luck! R300
Richard Bates Good initiative on all accounts. R300
Mark and Leanne All the best! R200
Gavin Jones Swim Skomsta Swim R500
Angela Carle Good luck.. Such respect x R200
Steve @ carin All the best Andrew R1 000
Geoffrey Schuil Good luck Boet! I hope it goes swimmingly R1 500
Evan Sim Give it horns (excuse the pun) Skomo! R500
Mark & Clare Wow - good luck! R1 000
Pete Quinn Power, Scom! R500
Murray pitt Slow and steady R500
Kesh aylward Good luck. Go for it!! R1 000
Emily Pitt Good luck Skom R500
Guy Allen I hope you’re doing it in a speedo! R500
Jen Pretorius Get those size 12's flapping! R500
Joel Martin I didnt know you could swim. R200
Mzantsi Contractors Good luck! R500
Sean Hoatson Give it horns mate!🦏🦏🦏🦏🦏 R500
Bo’s Plant Hire Good luck Andrew, I have no doubt that you will finish! R300
Quinton Good luck! R200
Belinda Schuil Good luck!!! R200
Matthew Schuil Go dad Go!!! R200
Nicholas Schuil Good luck Dad!!! R200
Shannon Mackey Good luck Scom! R200
Andrew Schuil R1 200

To ensure effective conservation and sustainable use of KwaZulu-Natal's biodiversity in collaboration with stakeholders for the benefit of present and future generations.
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