Carol Sacke is raising funds for CHOC

One day before Starting the great Big adventure of Big school Kelli Sacke 6 years, a bright beautiful happy little girl so excited to start big school for the first time , her big Brother Gregory Sacke already in Grade four Clifton Nottingham road, her big sister Jenni 24 working in Johannesburg at a Graphic Design Company. All was well at our home.

My Body and mind froze as I watched and heard a blood curdling scream coming from Kelli, her little body collapsed into a heap in front of me we urgently rushed her to Dr Swart battling to find him late at night the thick mist entombing us in a life threatening way, we had no idea what was going on and nor did the Dr Swart he said "rush down to St Anne’s Hospital" he would phone ahead. It was midnight, Kelli’s little limp body breathing but not responding lay still what was wrong I am qualified Nursing sister but had stopped in 1984 when I stayed home to look after my new born Jenni. My mind raced trying to think what was wrong  I said to the Sister on duty I think Kelli has had a stroke. All night we cared and spoke gently to Kelli waiting for her to wake up    Kevin my dear husband and I both numb with anguish looked down on the bed where our once bubbling little girl had given us so much joy. Her heart beating, she lay still so still.

The next morning Looking into the Radiologist eyes I felt his pain no words just a stare of disbelief, I don’t know what made me say these words but I said looking back to him for a glimmer of hope but receiving a deep sense of pain  "Its grave isn’t  it" I just knew. He was also frozen he just nodded and looked away. Kelli had had a massive brain haemorrhage. My soul body and mind were in a terrible tornado of thoughts. That minute is etched in my memory forever. 

Nobody could feel my anguish. My struggle to save Kelli started with my faith Jesus Father God he was going to heal her…

overall progress

raised R10 240,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Bonnie Bazil Well done Carol R300
Emx <3 You. Maybe you could write the rest of the story, as a book to sell & raise more funds by selling your story to raise awareness & more funds for your cause? We are doing similar & it seems to work to fundraise. Xx R500
James What a great cause! Good Luck! R1 000
Linda Bruins R1 000
Gregory Sacke R200
Msunduzi Build it Best of luck. From all of us at Msunduzi Build It R500
Linds Hutchison Good luck Carol! Lots of love- you’re doing a great job!! R400
Padmini Naidoo R500
Avril Lunderstedt We admire what you are doing Carol good luck with the swim Avril & David R1 000
adrien Epstein good luck Carol R1 000
Brandon Jackson Hi Carol. Great cause and tribute to Kelli. R300
Capital City housing NPC - I Caldecott Hi Carol, keep up the great work! R500
Zelna Best of luck. Zelna R50
Lelani vd Berg In loving memory of Kelli & all other kiddies suffering from cancer....thank you Carol for being so devoted even if your heart ache is tremendous R200
Larissa Money raised in CHOC tin! Well done Carol you are the WINNER in my eyes! Love you friend R700
Barloworld Mazda Pietermaritzburg R1 000
carol sacke from Patrick cudahy R120
carol sacke from the fast and furious swimmers thanks Julia Thomson R970

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