Ludick Nel is raising funds for CHOC

On the 9th and 10th of February I will be joining a special group of people by swimming 8miles to raise funds for various charities around the country. Personally I will be swimming for the CHOC Foundation in support of the amazing work they do in helping children with cancer. The joy you receive from living in service of others, is like nothing you have ever felt before. Please help me in making a difference in the lives of families who are in need of assistance. Your support will be what makes CHOC grow. In.God.I.Trust

overall progress

raised R12 270,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Ludick Nel R2 700
Rochelle Skead Sending love R250
Annele 🌼❤ R20
@izannesmit My niece was recently diagnosed with Leukemia., so thank you for your efforts Ludick! R100
Merize Welldone! Super trots op jou, weet jy gaan dit own R200
Manri Masjien jy! R500
Shanay Groenewaldt Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Ek glo in jou! R1 040
Phoebe Beukes In Gods creation there is continous gifting... R500
JL Looking up to you boet💪 R1 000
Ivan Burger Sterkte! R300
Hendrik R200
@tannybowers R300
@sonikavanderriet The Lord is greater than the giants you face- 1 John 4:4 💗 🎀 R200
@demi.bee For Aunty Debbie, Grandpa Alex, Grandpa Allan, Granny Stella, Mandy and baby Kai <3 R20
@tarynspark R200
Elmi.botma This is such a good idea! I would love to help where I can. R200
Mieke Coetzee 🌸 R50
anri_vd R100
Nerine Roscher ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻 R100
@hanno_erwee Amazing plan❤ R150
@nandibest R20
@Jess.visser Good luck :) R50
belle.westley you can do this! praying for all of you 😭😿🙏🏼❤️ cancer is nothing compared to God! R200
Claudia van dyk R50
@shanii_roodt ❤❤ R50
Mieke Coetzee 💗 R10
Mieke Coetzee R10
Carma_prinsloo R50
@caityqii Go kick Cancer's butt 💪🏼 R50
Jenna R150 To the family members I've lost; and those suffering Life and destiny can steal you from me but nothing can take away the precious memories. ❤ R10
Kira To the family members I've lost; and those battling Life and destiny can steal you from me but nothing can take away the precious memories. R10
Rochelle "Charity begins at home", right? This is our home, that is why I choose to give. R150
Anna R250
Ané van heerden R200
marinda_visser ❤️🙏 R20
Ava Moonsammy ♥️ R50
Maurne Pieters R100
@shanii_roodt I always try to help people where I can, even if it is just a small donation, I know it will make a difference. R50
Simone Vorster You can thank me later, ek gaan ook nerens heen nie😏 R100
@shanaygreenephotography I have lost 3 family members to cancer and also have two who has had cancer and survived so I want to donate to a foundation dear to my heart. It's a small donation but I hope it can help! R50
@ismarie09 R200
@micaelawil I would love to donate money, money that I would’ve used to go out, I now know went to a better place. And I would also love an opportunity to shoot with Shanay!x R10
Shanay R150
Martineswart11 R150
JL du Plessis Proud of you champ! R1 000
Shanay R1 000

Supporting children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families; improving early detection and facilitating effective treatment.
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