Megan Grewcock is raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is an organisation that strive towards general game park conservation and plays a significant role in the Save the Rhino initiative. As a practising wetland ecologist and general wildlife enthusiast, this cause is very close to my heart, as we continue to fight for the survival of our rhinos. Anti-poaching and the proactive protection of our rhionos is a daily fight, and any funds to support this cause is always welcomed.

Through the support of my Midmar 8 Mile venture, you will be contributing towards this selfless cause. Help me, help save and protect our rhinos:)

overall progress

raised R13 290,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Jon Taylor Take some water wings in case ;-) R250
Vesna Dryden You're Amazing Megz!! R200
Murray & Harriet Go you champion!! R640
Carla Yus, you machine!! Great cause 🥰 R200
Zara Xox! R200
Deanne Keep on swimming on.... You are a rockstar! R500
Chants and Matt Good luck Meegs! Enjoy it!! R250
Jay Matthews Goodluck Meeglet R350
Kris Good luck!! R100
hunters Good luck Meegz. R250
GroundTruth All the best Megan. R2 000
Linds,AJ,Rad & Sam We love you and we love rhinos! Go Meegs you flippen champ!! R500
Dani Awesome Meegs! You’re amazing. R300
Tessa Smith Well done Meegs!! Great goal & cause!! x R250
Kel& Stu You are such a star! R500
Kristy le Voy Good luck Meegs! R200
Anke Brink Goodluck Meegs!! :) R300
Snow tribe Half way Meegles, you have got this chick! xxx R500
Courtney Bell Good luck Moo!!! So proud of you!! R100
Matt Good luck Meegz! R500
Zelda Good Luck Megan from New Zealand R250
Peter Green Good luck Megan! R250
Pops! Well done Meegz! R500
Integrated Mobility Solutions Congratulations Megan and be sure to enjoy! R600
Agricane Services International (Pty)Ltd R1 000
Shea Karssing Good Luck :) R100
Lorraine Grewcock Proud of you Megan R500
Theresa le Roux Good luck! R150
Fiona Eggers All the best Meegs. Enjoy the experience R100
Roy Huntley Good Luck Megan R250
Lene Hansen Go for it! R250
Friend Good luck. Here's to the Rhinos of the future! Thanks! R250
DURBAN WEST TOURISM Durban West Tourism is very proud of you - #stoppoaching. Rhinos bring tourists to our area - Well done Megan - Regards Gail Bradfield R500
Gary Booth Give it horns! R500

To ensure effective conservation and sustainable use of KwaZulu-Natal's biodiversity in collaboration with stakeholders for the benefit of present and future generations.
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