Nina Gersohn is raising funds for NSRI

It has been a goal of mine since I started swimming the Midmar Mile to swim as a part of the 8 Mile Club. I am so excited and so honoured to be able to participate in Midmar 2019, as a part of this Club. I aim to raise R12 000 for The NSRI- Sea Rescue South Africa- the unspoken few who contribute unwaveringly to our safety and society. Sea Rescue is a charity staffed by volunteers who give tirelessly of themselves, day and night, in order to keep us safe along the coast and in inland dams. The rescue crews are not paid nor do they charge those whom they rescue, they continue to train and improve their skills so as to benefit the rest of the South African society. I support and admire the NSRI and I ask that you please assist me in my quest to make the difference to them.

overall progress

raised R12 000,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Shirley Jacobson R230
Ariella levin Nini! I am obsessed with you and all you do! Keep being you and excelling in everything you do R200
Coral Schneider Best of luck for your swim special Nin! Lots of love xxxx R360
Jacqui Feldman Good luck Nin, love Jackie and Amy ❤️❤️ R200
Ricci weinstein Love you my nini❤️ Swim like a fishy🐟 R540
Mildred seider The child that always amazes me, well done ❤️ R360
Lesley cowan ⭐️Well done!⭐️ R1 800
Jeans extended famdamily Proud of you Neens; swim for lives! Love you! Xxxx R350
Jaymee Gobetz What a lovely initiative Nina. All my love, Jaymee. R600
Alan R1 000
Kayla Hershberg Good luck Ninooosh, love you! R250
Ilana and Jeffrey davis Good luck. R200
Jade Copans R280
Janine Rubin Good luck Nina. You are amazing 😄 R360
Joanna Shnall You're such a star!!! R200
Sandy and Jeff You make us very proud. Love you lots 😘 R500
Melanie So proud of you Nini! You’re the ultimate superstar and inspiration to us all! Sending you love ❤️ R360
The Firers Best wishes! R360
Jarred Seider Good luck Nina! R550
Kerry Rubin An amazing cause 👏🏻Well done Nina R360
Martin Zunde Hope you have a great swim. I miss you guys R500
Lynn and Graham Katzenellenbogen You are amazing Nina. Good luck for you swim! R360
Nicky Barnes Incredible Nina. Well done xxx R540
Robyn Smookler Nina you are such an inspiration to all of us. Wishing you a brilliant swim R540
Galit Fluxman Best of luck Nina R1 000

The Charity that Saves Lives on South African Waters