Grant Tate is raising funds for Friends of Swimmers Trust

overall progress

raised R13 150,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Ricki Nethercote What Bart said. R500
DJ Good luck R4 000
mariam naasan al rifai It is great to see you raise awareness over how important it is to be safe in the water, especially for our children. Go for it; You are a good example and an inspiration to all students of NAIS, R500
Anne Strauss Meow meow kitty meow meow R100
Zoe oosthuizen Good luck Mr Tate Looking forward to the catsuit photos. LOL R100
Anderson Family You got this GT. We can’t wait to see you dressed up especially Matty and Kari Pop!!! R500
Janine Schilling Go Grant! 🤗 R500
Philippa Tate You're either in or you're out... There's no such thing as life in-between. Have a great swim! R200
Carla Tate Go for gold, Dearest. Zoë and Connor can’t wait to see you dressed up 😋 R1 000
Peter Garmany Go get em tiger! R500
Eric the Eel Race you to the finish line... R250
Russell fish Go boy! R500
Bryce Bartmann For the Good of Man Raise the Bar Aim for the Stars Never Give Up & Kick Butt R1 000
Andrew Give it horns Tatey! R500
Grant Tate R3 000

Friends of Swimmers Trust
011 083 84 83