aQuellé Midmar Mile 2019

If you're taking on your own personal challenge of completing an aQuelle Midmar Mile, or love the idea of fundraising for worthy causes you can still get involved. You don't have to be part of the 8 Mile Club or the 16 Mile Club to create a fundraising page and to support one of the official aQuelle Midmar Mile charities. Click "Start Fundraising" to set your own challenge: 1 mile, or 2 miles, your first aQuelle Midmar Mile or your 50th. Good luck!

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Name Charity Target Current Total
Singakwenza R1 300 R1 500
Singakwenza R5 000 R10 100
Singakwenza R2 000 R2 550
Singakwenza R800 R700

official charities

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