Pippa Brown

Midmar 8 Mile swim challenge for CANSA!

130% donated / R1 500,00 over target

Lisa Kirsch

102% donated / R200,00 over target

Catherine Viedge

So excited to be swimming for PinkDrive for the first time

109% donated / R450,00 over target

Jaimie Whyte

I will be using my fourth year of the 8 Mile Charity Challenge to raise funds for CANSA. Please help me to reach my fundraising goal to help them save lives.

110% donated / R500,00 over target

Jenna Murray

Swimming 8 Miles for a the many kiddies who are fighting a greater challenge than me. 💙

224% donated / R6 195,00 over target

Josh Crocker

Josh Crocker - Using my swimming talent to help others

112% donated / R600,00 over target

Samantha Kruger

0% donated / R20 000,00 to go


0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Nathaneal Govender

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Lizzie Kennedy

Raising Funds for CHOC by swimming 8 Miles in Midmar

110% donated / R1 000,00 over target

Ross Duncan

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Nadine Freeman

258% donated / R7 880,00 over target

Lee Cothill


70% donated / R3 050,00 to go

Lance Fraser

154% donated / R5 350,00 over target

Kim Parkes

2020 was a truly horrible year but was able to complete my first 8 miles. Taken on the challenge of the 16 miles. Children have always been very close to my heart & to be able to help children suffering from cancer will be an absolute pleasure.

232% donated / R6 600,00 over target

Chloe von Widdern

I am swimming 8 Mile Charity Challenge for the CHOC Foundation, which is a charity very close to my heart. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

0% donated / R10 000,00 to go

Megan Carter

Stellenbosch University Student doing the 8 miler for Chad le Clos Foundation

1% donated / R4 970,00 to go

Justine Johnson

Swim For Life!

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Ralph Davies

Desperate times for so many. Please give Generously. Our children need your help

26% donated / R14 900,00 to go

Athina Macris


100% donated / R0,00 over target

Bosman Grobler

I will be swimming for the Chad le Clos foundation. Any small donation will be appreciated. The bigger the team, the better.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Philip Botha

I’m swimming the 8 Miler at Midmar to celebrate good health, as well as doing my bit for nature conservation by raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

18% donated / R8 200,00 to go

Tamryn Giles

I am the creator of my own reality and that begins with eliminating negative self limiting beliefs

154% donated / R2 700,00 over target

Lisa Fowler

I am delighted to be a part of the 8 Mile Charity Challenge in 2021. I am swimming to raise funds for the Chad le Clos Foundation and Friends of Swimmers Trust.

170% donated / R3 500,00 over target

Nicholas Malan

Swimming for kids. Helping the Chad Le Clos foundation raise funds to support kids in swimming.

110% donated / R500,00 over target

Alistair Anquetil

No longer swimming due the change in dates :(

∞% donated / R2 000,00 over target

Reino von Wielligh

Swimming 16 miles to support Happy Bundles by bringing joy to children with Cancer

86% donated / R1 400,00 to go

Charmaine Eleftheriou

Giving a child the chance to reach their dreams

97% donated / R150,00 to go

Leigh Lemmer

Living in a reserve with rhino I've always been touched by the fate of these animals and by the sacrafices made by those looking after them. Using my passion for swimming I'd like to contribute in some way to the protection of these beasts.

55% donated / R4 500,00 to go

Robbie Hattingh

150% donated / R2 500,00 over target

Nicky Floros

120% donated / R1 000,00 over target

Matthew Green

I am a professional Motorbike rider, and am swimming the 8 mile for NSRI

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Richard & Caleb Townsend

Richard and Caleb Townsend, team 'Dorp toe gestuur', will be swimming for the Mandeville Disability Swimmers and will hopefully get some of the elite swimmers to the Olympics to bring back a medal and make us all very proud.

57% donated / R8 500,00 to go

Inge Steyn

I'm 17 years old and I love to swim. I'm very excited to swim the 8 mile and would appreciate any contributions to CANSA.

103% donated / R300,00 over target

Sally Ralfe

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Wian Mostert

8 Myl by Midmar Myl 2021

52% donated / R4 800,00 to go

Carol Fourie

Swimming my 7th 8 mile for PinkDrive. "I swim because I can, for those who cannot."

166% donated / R3 285,00 over target

Grant Tate

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Jo-anne Barnard

209% donated / R21 850,00 over target

Kyle Stephens

This year I set out find a challange that would challange myself and help the community at the same time. Joining the 8 Mile Club will allow me to raize funds for the Friends of Swimmer's Trust and follow my passion for Open Water Swimming.

113% donated / R650,00 over target

Guy Keeling

". In Vietnam, It has become is a party drug for the wealthy. And yet it offers no real scientific benefits. Its value is artificial, founded on myth and propagated greed." Julian Rademeyer

149% donated / R2 470,00 over target

Lauren Culverwell

We Are Braving the Water again to raise money for CANSA active.

85% donated / R1 200,00 to go

Georgie Butcher

It has always been a dream of mine to swim the 8 mile, and 2021 seems like the perfect year to give it a try !

100% donated / R9,00 over target

Clint Ross

Pink Drive

240% donated / R6 995,00 over target

Gary Albertyn

Please Help me raise money for a very worthy cause

10% donated / R18 000,00 to go

Thomas Woodhead

94% donated / R300,00 to go

Jeannie Dreyer

167% donated / R6 700,00 over target

Caren Naudé

"Early detection can prolong a life". Help me help others by donating to this worthy cause!

148% donated / R2 400,00 over target

Matthew Wilkes

80% donated / R1 000,00 to go

Andrew Ford

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Gary Wilkinson

Hi, Please help me raise funds for the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife fund

72% donated / R1 400,00 to go

Jacquie Whyte

I'm swimming 8 mile again in 2021, this time for CANSA. This is a charity very close to my heart, and I hope that you will help me to help them.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Herman Rens

100% donated / R0,00 over target

linda smith

So many challenges experienced by so many and I am sure that the Charitable Organisations have been equally hard hit. I am swimming Midmar 8 Miler to raise much needed funds for CANSA. Every little bit counts.

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Gabriel Holl

Swimming 8 Miles to raises funds for CHOC!!!

55% donated / R2 250,00 to go

Morné Claassen

Charity 8 Mile Challenge for CANSA

108% donated / R400,00 over target

Dominique Straub

Raising funds for a chairty whom chooses to support young swimmers and thier goals.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Pierre Naude


190% donated / R4 500,00 over target

Clara Jones

80% donated / R2 015,00 to go


A new year and another 8 miles (12.5km) in two days. Although it might be difficult in some eyes, in my eyes it's for the world of good and an absolute honor to be raising money for this beautiful charity for a 5th year in a row.

92% donated / R500,00 to go

Bronwyn Glasspoole

86% donated / R700,00 to go

Michael Slattery

135% donated / R3 500,00 over target

Gregor Foster

0% donated / R8 000,00 to go

Daniella Paro

50% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Michaela Geytenbeek

49% donated / R5 100,00 to go

hendrik van der Merwe

This will be my 2nd 8mile swimming for CHOC

0% donated / R12 000,00 to go

Pauline Bowman Edgar

166% donated / R3 285,00 over target

Christopher Shipley

For the past 2 years I've swum 8 Midmar Miles for Singakwenza (great people, with great hearts), but I'm looking for a new challenge. I'm swimming the 16 Miles, which means no boat ride back to the start of each race.

111% donated / R1 100,00 over target

Claudia Richard

106% donated / R300,00 over target

Maxine Luck

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Jani Maritz

Swimming Midmar Mile x 8 times in aid of CANSA

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Mike Proome

2021, the Year the 8 Mile Covid Swim.

50% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Craig Cullen

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Rosemary Chite

266% donated / R4 985,00 over target

Brian Keeling

Rhino horns fetch up to $60,000 per kilo on the black market – more than the price of gold. A diminishing rhino population with increased horn demand exacerbates the problem. Ezemvelo’s efforts to save the Rhino from extinction need our support.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Emma Flanagan

I will be swimming the 8 mile race to race fund for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. The funds raised will go towards saving the black and white rhinos!

0% donated / R10 000,00 to go

Karl Kohlmeyer

This will be my 6th 8-miler in 2021. Please help me raise funds for this amazing cause.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Tracy Kerr

8 mile x 5??!! Say what! This swim is for PinkDrive!

166% donated / R6 635,00 over target

Susan Rich

I,Susan, and son Thomas Rich have swum Midmar Mile together for the last 20 years. Last year we swum our first 8 Mile. We live next to the Ezemvelo Weenen Park and have seen the great work the park does in conserving our endangered Rhino.

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Edward Tippett

I will be participating in my 4th 8 Mile Open Water Swim at Midmar Mile in February 2021 for CHOC - Childhood Cancer Foundation

22% donated / R3 900,00 to go

Terry Swait

8 Mile 2021! In these challenging and desperate times, helping those less fortunate is needed more than ever. MDS is a privilege to support you for a 3rd time. Any donations towards this worthy cause is very much appreciated. Thank you 💙

0% donated / R10 000,00 to go

Dominique Donner

216% donated / R5 800,00 over target

Melanie Rachel Cooke

I am swimming my first 8-Mile event after having competed in the Midmar Mile for the past ten years. I have a love for all animals particularly dogs which are very close to my heart.

111% donated / R550,00 over target

Emma Carmody

Please help me raise funds for those fighting Canser.

124% donated / R2 430,00 over target

Amani Ismail

I am swimming my first 8 mile in aid of CANSA.

137% donated / R1 850,00 over target

Colin Morgan

Please support me raising funds for this worthy cause.

156% donated / R5 570,00 over target

Justin Wilkes

First Midmar 8 Mile Charity Swim

92% donated / R400,00 to go

Jarred John Visser

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

25% donated / R3 750,00 to go

Jayde Fouche

Swimming 8 Miles and running 21kms for CHOC and The Cows

10% donated / R9 000,00 to go


10% donated / R4 500,00 to go

Megan Rogers

104% donated / R200,00 over target

Wilbur Wright

Raising hope through awareness and relief through funds

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Marga Wessels - Jooste

Fundraising for my first Charity 8 Challenge for Mandeville Disability Swimming.

208% donated / R10 850,00 over target

Irma Van Reenen

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Courtney Pretorius

105% donated / R256,00 over target

Kate Barnes

120% donated / R1 000,00 over target

Marc Forrest

8 Miles for Friends of Swimmers Trust

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Emil Berning

I am counting on you to help and support my fund raising efforts!

147% donated / R7 000,00 over target

Heena Parshutam

It is such a pleasure to be swimming my first 8 Mile to raise funds for PinkDrive 2021! Please support this worthy cause :)

306% donated / R10 295,00 over target

Brigitte Melly

I am excited to be swimming this epic event (almost 26 km in total) and to raise money for this amazing charity!

118% donated / R1 815,00 over target